April 2019
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AJs 4th Birthday and Party is tomorrow!

Besides all the preparation for having a “Pool-Waterslide Party” with about 25 4 year olds a thought just entered my head. For those that have young children you will understand immediately.

Avery will get a decent amount of gifts. Gifts that come “wired to the box”! They say its done so people can not “steal” the gifts from the store. I know that NOT to be the case. Its done so when your child wants the toy, you can not get it to them fast enough.  In some toys there are 15 wires holding the toy in place. It can take 5 minutes to get the toy, and YES that is an eternity to a 4 year old.

OMG what do you do when there are 3 of them all at the same time? That means one of my children will need to wait 15 minutes to get the toy.  Alot of these what do I do thoughts are keeping me up at night and the triplets are not here yet.

Another thought? Imagine if that was your job?

OMG someone is actually working in China right now attaching wires to toys so Parents in the USA can not OPEN THEM! If that was my job I would make sure I double knotted every wire. I would learn knots like the guy in the first Jaws movie.  Parents would give up if they got mine and just throw the toy away.

Tiny hiney….

Since Avery was a little baby, my husband has done a cute little saying while tapping his bottom.  He squeezes his bottom and says “whos got the tiny hiney, right here!”  While saying the phrase he squeezes in rhythm .  Well, I guess it has stuck with Avery…….the other day, Avery comes up behind me and taps on my bottom while saying “whos got the tiny hiney, right here!” (perfectly in rhythm as well).   At least sweet little innocent Avery is still convinced.  I on the other hand see a whole different picture daily!