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About Us

About Lloyd Michael Winston

I’ve been labeled the dad with a freakish form of super sperm.  Not my childhood dream, but its working out so far.

My Brother and I moved to my favorite city on the planet, Las Vegas, in 1995. My Dad calls it the real Mecca. We both met our wives here. We have a Home Theater Business ( that we established in 1999. Electronics is basically all we have ever done. We started selling in the Flea Markets on Long island when I was only 15 years old. My little brother Eric has a beautiful daughter named Madison and lives only 1 mile away. Our parents moved from New York to Las Vegas Last Year. I also have an older sister that lives in upstate New York. 

I met my wife Erika at the Hard Rock Hotel on December 31st, 2001.  I knew immediately, she took her time. It was the first Guns and Roses concert in Years. I left the concert to watch the fireworks. That’s when we met. After awhile she asked me for a job. I could not help but laugh my ass off. How in the hell would I get any work done. 

We decided to get married where I grew up in Northport, New York. We were married at the Woodbury Country Club on August 21, 2004. 

Regarding the “Super Sperm” label -  for the first 4 weeks after we were married my life was a living HELL. I literally kept asking myself, “What the F%$K did I get myself into.” “It” was a completely different person than the one I had lived with for 2 years. Erika was a nightmare from the time she woke up till we went to bed. I could not believe that everything I’d been told about being “officially” married was true, As soon as they lock up the certificate your life as you knew it will cease to exist, they’d said. They were right.  That I was constantly “walking on eggshells” is an understatement. I locked myself in my office and tried not to leave. $60k wedding, for this S^*&T!

I got Erika pregnant on the first try! Mind you we had no idea she was pregnant, but we know the exact location and the exact time she was impregnated. It was the night after we got married in a suite at the Hotel Gansevoort. In fact I read online to have a boy you have to hold the wife upside down when you “finish”. We actually tried that.  Or did it I guess.

So that’s what the “problem” was, why she had so quickly transformed into something I’d never seen. I was not in a bad dream in hell.  We were having our first child! They tried telling me it was the hormones spiking, she was gaining weight, god forbid! Nope. It was “super sperm”. 

I realize I’ve got my own issues.  I’m occasionally loud, extremely impatient, and…very deaf at certain times.  But I’m certain I wasn’t the problem during this period.  She may think different; I’m just saying what I know to be absolute fact.

So our first born Avery Jack Winston was born on May 16th, 2005. 

We decided to start this website so everyone in our lives can follow along as we prepare for triplets, no holding back. We will post pictures, links to videos and if the Doc allows it we will even film the 3 new babies coming into the beautiful world we call home. Along the way you may learn a lot more about us than is intended but WTF nobody’s gonna read it anyway.  

While I figure it was clear above, I’m not the best at grammar, spelling, and sometimes my thoughts don’t come out right.  But I’m trying.


About Erika Winston

AKA Erika “Pearly” Glasmann or just “Pearl Girl”.  I grew up in Waconia, Minnesota, a tiny town most likely no one has ever heard of.  My Father died when I was 10 years old, so my up-bringing consisted mostly of my Mother.  I have 3 beautiful sisters with whom I was close with growing up, and am still very close with to this day.  I also have a surrogate Father and family that are extremely important to me.  My life would simply not be the same without them in it, even though they didn’t enter my life until I was in my twenty’s.  So the role they played in my life was not in my formative years.

I was brought up in an ultraconservative home to say the least.  Extreme religious beliefs were instilled with in me and pressed upon me on a daily basis.  All my education consisted of private Christian schools and missing Church was never an option.  I basically lived in a bubble until I graduated from Bethel University in 1995.  The one thing I will mention is that I received an outstanding education and excelled greatly from it.  I am only telling you this because I remind my husband daily that he is married to a genius.

After I was “let loose” from the bubble, and my Mom (she still really hasn’t let go), I lived a typical twenty’s life.  Dating, partying, and finally getting to know myself.  And of course making the “typical” learning mistakes along the way.  I cheered for the Minnesota Vikings for 4 years, modeled, and started my own Personal Training business.  Little did I know that the turning point of my life was about to happen, and it was in the hands of my surrogate Father.

My Father wanted me to be happy!  I thought my life was perfect, but he wanted me to be even happier, he wanted me to meet a husband…..and he wanted me to go to Las Vegas to do so.  He spent time there monthly and knew he could keep a close watch on me.  My Mother on the other hand thought I might as well have just moved to Hell!  But, to all of our surprise, I did indeed meet my husband.  Lloyd Michael Winston, a strong, outspoken Jewish handsome man.  We were married on August 21, 2004. We met at a New Years party and for Lloyd it was love at first site.  For me however, I put him off for 3 months before our first date……..I have now seen him every day since that date…….love is a funny thing.

We have a beautiful, extremely intelligent, hilarious - did I mention intelligent? - son named Avery.  He will be 4 in May.  He was our Wedding night surprise.  What an amazing surprise!

I am a stay at home Mom and love every minute of it!  Work is over-rated, not to down play being a Mother and Wife by any means.  However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love my weekly appointments.  Hair, nails, yoga, Pilate’s…..what can I say, my husband is a saint who married a high maintenance woman.

I am writing this because I want my family and friends to be a part of this extremely frightening yet beautiful experience.  You see, my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant with our second child for the past 2 years.  I had an issue with my weight which affected my hormones levels and getting pregnant seemed nearly impossible.  But with the help of numerous doctors and time, my body adjusted and I got better.  We were now ready to “try” again for that baby.  I guess you could say, be careful what you wish for.  As the Doctors words still echo in my ear….”you are VERY pregnant!!”  My husband and I are now expecting TRIPLETS!  So, hold on, sit back and enjoy this long, challenging, but very rewarding journey we have in front of us.  I hope you’ll join us, we’ll be as honest as possible.  That might not always be the best thing, but hopefully the most interesting!

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