April 2019
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It’s sucking us in………

When my sisters and I were younger, we LOVED McDonald’s!!  Now, we rarely ever got McDonald’s.  I am very serious about this, by rarely I mean I can’t remember 5 times.  However, we still LOVED it, the smell, the taste, just the look of those golden arches.  It was magical…..  Now there was a couple reasons why we didn’t get McDonald’s.  This is highly due to the fact that as many of you know I grew up in a very clean house.  No sugar, salt, processed food, mainly just NO junk.  But the BIGGEST reason why is because my Mother was convinced that it made us giddy and unruly.  Every time that she did get it for us, we became very giggly and silly.  I believe that we were just so cotton pick-en happy to eat something with taste.  Along with the fact that we felt like a normal child who gets McyD’s every once in a while.  Who wouldn’t be ecstatic?!?!  Thinking back, I am getting a little excited right now.  Anyway, we would beg and plead to go to McDonald’s anytime we were out and about.  When we would drive by one, we would act like our car was getting “sucked in” by the golden arches.  Hence  the phrase, “help it is sucking us in”!!!!!!  The phrase worked only a few times, but it did work.  My little sister and I became SO attached to our love for McDonald’s that are dream was to live together and work at one.  That way we could have endless happy meals.  What an aspiring goal.  If any of you are curious, I never did work at a McDonald’s.  But every once in a while, the golden arches can still suck me in…….