March 2019
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Too much candy!!!!!!

For those of you who were always told by your parents that too much candy will give you a belly ache, I have a story that can truly stand behind this statement!  Yesterday we took our 4 year old son, Avery to the movies.  We went to see Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  I’m sure no surprise to any of you who know our son.  Anyway, we got there early enough so we could get all the fun stuff.  The popcorn, candy and drinks.  When it was time for Avery to pick out the candy, my husband kept directing him to pick out the least damaging thing.  Avery would say “I want sour patch kids, or skittles!!”  My husband would say, “how about these raisinettes??”  But there was no arguing,  Avery was stuck on these horrible sour patch watermelon things. 

So all was good, we watched the movie, ate our snacks, and enjoyed ourselves.  By the end of the movie, my husband and I both realized that Avery had too much junk.  But what can we do now.  So we headed home.

We got home and Avery wanted some chocolate milk….I should have known I was fueling the fire…….but he was exhausted and fell asleep.  Not even 15 minute passes when I start to hear coughing.  I ask him if he is ok, but before he can even respond, PROJECTILE VOMIT EVERYWHERE!!!!!  I am talking an amount of vomit a large man could not produce!  It didn’t stop there either, he kept on throwing up all the way to the bathroom.  Which come to think of it, I don’t think he even hit the toilet ONCE!

So, lesson learned…..too much candy DOES indeed give you a tummy ache.  In Avery’s case, a little bit more.  I guess our parents do know what they were talking about…..most of the time.